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The Televigion Podcast: Pilot Season

Sep 18, 2015

Episode 4 has lots from the listeners. Your regular host James Stewart is learning more about Televigion from all of you. Keep the conversation going!

Contained within we have

Correspondence:- Possibly inappropriate mediums and differing opinions this week.

Recommendations :- Gravity Falls (Disney XD) and Steven Universe (Cartoon Network), some current kid's TV.

What's On Now:- Not a lot that's new...

"On Demand"s My Attention:- Doctor Who Series 8 reprise and The Flash S1.

Top of the Pile:- This is England '90 (Channel 4).

You've Let Us Down:- Rotters (Sky Arts)

Now that we're excited about current kid's TV, keep the recommendations coming! And we need your opinions on This is England '90 and Doctor Who S9 (once it starts). Contact us on Twitter, online at The Televigion Blog or via