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The Televigion Podcast: Pilot Season

Oct 2, 2015

Episode 6 comes from a different direction. From whichever compass point you are relative to London, in fact. Some loyal listeners have opened up about Televigional emotion and your host James Stewart has dealt with only having Freeview.

Contained within we have

Correspondence:- In depth with the true progenitor of Televigion, James' mum.

Recommendations :- Two received: Peaky Blinders (Netflix) and Doctor Foster (BBC1)

What's On Now:- Doctor Who Series 9 (BBC1), Last Man on Earth S2 (Dave) STRONG SPOILERS FOR BOTH!

"On Demand"s My Attention:- This is England '90 (via very poor connection)

Top of the Pile:- In Case You Missed It (BBC iPlayer) plus that cool extra clip!

You've Let Us Down:- Nothing, but for a different reason

Did anyone else see In Case You Missed It? Can anyone else relate to the horrendous channel guide on Freeview? And yes, I realised roughly 17 minutes after recording that You, Me and the Apocalypse started on Wednesday 30th...

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