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The Televigion Podcast: Pilot Season

Oct 23, 2015

Well this has been a good week for Televigion. Lots of correspondence and many brilliant shows. The closest we come to a disappointment is Doctor Who...

Contained within we have

Correspondence :- Three correspondents with nicely involved and extended opinions and thoughts. More of this please everyone!

Recommendations :- Two given: The Last Kingdom (BBC2), Vikings (Amazon Prime)

What's On Now:- Doctor Who Series 9 (BBC1); The Muppets (Sky 1)

Top of the Pile:- Fargo S2 (Channel 4)

"On Demand"s My Attention:- An emotional House (Netflix); Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Planning for The Televigion Commentary continues! Specific episode recommendations please! 

What did you think of The Muppets? And Fargo Season 2? And has music choice ever adversely affected your enjoyment of Televigion?

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