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The Televigion Podcast: Pilot Season

Mar 24, 2016

A change in the way we watch TV leads to a discussion of television news, particularly related to the Brussels attacks.

Also this week


  • The Televigion Mum sent an article announcing the return of Top of the Lake with added Gwendoline Christie

Current TV:-

Mar 20, 2016

From the brand new Yorkshire studio comes episode 29. Watching TV is harder here but getting back to (freeview) basics might be a refreshing change.

Very Special Correspondence:-

Mar 11, 2016

We're back! Illness has left us and excitement has joined (we're moving to York!) But we also have a lot to catch up on, not least American Gods TV adaptation news and a lot more listener's thoughts about Televigion characters. So let's get cracking!


  • A huge number of correspondents who got involved,...