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The Televigion Podcast: Pilot Season

Sep 24, 2015

Episode 5 is all about the feels. Your intrepid host thought that the Emmy's might inspire this week but instead navigates the pathways of emotion from TV.

Contained within we have

Correspondence:- A continued chat with Gauntletgirl.

Recommendations :- One received: Urban Secrets (Sky Atlantic), and one given: The Detectorists (BBC4).

What's On Now:- Doctor Who Series 9 (BBC1), Rick and Morty (Fox).

"On Demand"s My Attention:- Taskmaster (Dave Player).

Top of the Pile:- This is England '90 (Channel 4).

You've Let Us Down:- Cradle to Grave (BBC2)

It's time to open up, Televigionists. And we need some fresh opinions on This is England '90 and Doctor Who S9. Contact us on Twitter, online at The Televigion Blog or via 

Graeme Anthony
almost seven years ago

To watch nu-Who has always involved a level of complicity in its numerous flaws, and, sad to say, I think this has been more necessary under Grand Moff Steven's custodianship than it was under Russell T. Davies's -- although, not by all that much.

So yes, when the approach is fling-a-lot-of-stuff-together, things unsurprisingly fall apart. When they don't do that, and concentrate on making a self-contained 45-minute drama, things tend to go a lot better.

The intro sequence alone could have been expanded into an unmissably great episode of Doctor Who. It's frustrating that these opportunities are so often missed!

So eh, what I'm saying there is that I agree with you, so let's just hope it picks things up in part two.